Reformer: A surfing tribe

It all started about a year ago.  

At the annual Laury family get together on Christmas Day I was approached by my cousin Brad who said he had a possible project in the works that he wanted to talk to me about.  Years before in 2009 Brad and I visited Peru with the hopes of finding a possible story that we could one day turn into a film.  We had heard about this woman named Lucy Borja who was specializing in getting homeless kids off the streets.  What makes this story different is Lucy has been able to get these children off the streets and place them in a home located about a 1/4 mile away from the beach. 

The sport of surfing has always been huge in Peru.  People come from all over to surf the long left handed waves that are native to South America.  Lucy's home (called Generation) found itself right in the middle of one of the most thriving surfing cultures in the country.  Being immersed in such a surf culture it was only obvious that these former street kids would fall in love.  Lucy is doing a great thing by getting kids of the street but I believe it is their passion for surfing that keeps them there and may possibly help give them a better future. 

Reformer is the story of one of these former street kids and his love story of surf, sun, and sand.  I am so stoked to be able to say that it's finally done!  Be sure to check out the sneak preview below and stay tuned for possible festival dates.